Ephesians: The Mystery Of Church 11-Heavenly Places

It seems that heavenly places essentially describes a position in the supernatural realm. This realm dictates all aspects of the natural.Heavenly Places is mentioned four times in the first three chapters of Ephesians. I believe that this supernatural aspect of the heavenly places and the Church’s position there is the overriding theme of all of Ephesians.

In Eph. 1:3, we see that our lives in Christ carry spiritual blessings. In vv 9-10, we see that those blessings involve revelation of mysteries in His will and how the fullness of time is all things summed up in Christ. We can see the role of the Church developing here as a supernatural entity that administers Christ in all things. In 1:11, we have a spiritual inheritance; in 1:13 we are sealed in the Spirit-supernatural. We are beginning to see that every aspect of our lives as followers of Jesus is and must be supernatural, and what sums us up is Christ. This is in Whom the eyes of our hearts (18) must be enlightened to understand who He really is and His power toward us to fulfill the administration or ministry.

In vv 20-23, we have a great illustration of the powers in the heavenly places. Christ is at the right hand of God the Creator, the all powerful. This position is the highest rank, and authority; an attainable place that exists in both this age and the age to come. All other authorities and powers are not only below Him, but way below Him. He is the reason for everything. This position makes Him the Head of the Church-who is His body (23), the very extension of Him, and fullness of Him who fills all in all. So here we see the Church is called to the fullness of Christ.

Chapter 2 starts with Paul describing how Jesus takes us from our low position, lower than even the powers of the air, and He catapults us right through the heavens and raises us up with Him. After declaring Jesus’ place in the heavenly places, and how far and above and superior that position is;Can you believe or even fathom the fact that we are right there next to Him, in His absolute dominion and supreme power? Words cannot describe how awesome His place is and we are seated with Him in those heavenly places.

We are absolute Holy Spirit filled power house revelations to the earth that JESUS IS LORD! We are the fullness of Him when we administer His power to the natural and supernatural realms according to His will. What does being seated with Christ mean? I think this is a glimpse. A Church that can grasp this ans understand this will walk in fullness and change their generation just as Jesus and the apostles did.

I believe the church in fullness is the mystery of Christ. Christ in us the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27), is the mystery to be revealed to the earth and the powers of the air (vv3:9-10), making His wisdom known and filling all in all with Him.

This is like the stone in Daniel chapter 2, which destroys the statue of the evil empires and becomes a mountain that fills the earth. This represents the fifth kingdom (v 44), the one which cannot be destroyed. This is the Kingdom of Heaven filling the earth. According to the Gospels this kingdom is at hand when we advance good news in His name. All of creation is waiting for this, so they to can be set free (Romans 8:19-21).

So we see the church’s position is with Christ in the highest place in the supernatural realm, enforcing His administration and will to the rest of the natural and supernatural realms. This is our goal, to understand our place in Him seated in heavenly places, living and walking in the fullness of Christ, a mature Church (Eph 4 :13).

I believe that the rest of Ephesians is devoted to teaching us how to attain to the fullness of Christ. In 4:11-13, we see the necessity of the five-fold ministry in acquiring this maturity through training and equipping, the building up of the body of Christ. Chapters 4-6 are every day areas we must consider so our lives will be in order to properly function in this position in the heavenly Places. Ephesians 6:12, the last time heavenly places are mentioned in this book is a reference to overcoming the unseen spiritual forces; to which we will be complete to make known the mystery of the Gospel (19), Christ all in all!

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David W. Edwards is an author, teacher, speaker, and podcaster. He is a Staff Pastor at Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry. He has written three books, and he also travels, equipping and activating in the supernatural and prophetic lifestyle.

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